What To Expect From A Desktop Air Purifier

A desktop air purifier such as the Idylis air purifier can make you healthier in ways that you never thought about. Although it might sound strange to you, the air inside your home or office can actually affect your health. Most people spend the majority of their waking hours every day at work. Think about the dangerous air particles that you breathe inside your nose and into your lungs for at least eight hours each day. This is in addition to the fact that air inside an office is usually contaminated with mold spores, dust and other types of allergens. There could even be minute bugs like dust mites, which could irritate the respiratory system easily. If you are really concerned about your health, then you should invest in a good desktop hepa air purifier.

Personal Desktop Air Purifier

An Idlysis air purifier desktop is the best way to clean the air that you are breathing inside your home or office. You should look for a design that is integrated with a HEPA air filter. Such a filter would take away pollen, dust, dust mite, mold, pollen and other allergens that are in the air. If you are not familiar with the HEPA filter, you should consult desktop air purifier reviews online.

Common Misconception on HEPA Filters

One common misconception about the desktop air purifier is that it can actually kill bacteria. However, such filters work by just removing contaminants and allergens from the air. A HEPA filter could remove as much as 99 percent of microscopic air particles. Such particles are trapped in the filter and then prevented from becoming airborne. It is vital that the HEPA filter be removed regularly. If you do not, the microorganisms that are on the filter could actually start breeding and reproducing, if you are to let the filter sit for a long time.

Stand up Idylis Air Purifier

Stand up Idylis Air Purifier

Important Consideration

A special point to consider in a desktop air purifier is that it is created for individual use only. Many of such designs are just not strong enough to take away airborne contaminants from all over the room. What it does is to purify and clean the air that is inside your private office or cubicle. There are many desktop air purifier models that are on the market so you should choose one that is perfect for the kind of situation that you have. Many local outlets such as Target and Walmart carry these items and sell them at a cheap price.