What is the Best Air Purifier for Your Situation?

In essence, an air purifier is an exceedingly useful machine that will remove dirt and dust particles, as well as a large amount of other contaminants, from the air within the room that it is being used in. This helps to greatly improve not only the air quality, but a persons health as well. When considering the purchase of an air purifier, it can be very tricky to make the final decision, as there are so many different models available for purchase. The following will provide you with a closer look at what the best purifier is for certain situations, helping to make your final decision a much simpler one.

Best Air Purifier for Allergies

Idylis Air Purifiers have a wide variety of models for customers to choose from. As such, certain models work better than others in specific situations. In general, all Idylis air purifiers will help to rid a person of allergies, but the best air purifier in this case would have to be the Idylis 280. The 280 is their┬álargest model and is therefore more equipped to cleanse the air completely of particles to the point where it clears up your allergies for good. While some of the smaller models might do the job, allergies are something that you don’t want to mess with and the 280 will ensure that you get the cleanest air possible. The 280 comes equipped with amazing HEPA technology, a pre-filter and a remote control. This air purifier will purify a room of more than 350 sq. ft. You will also find that these air purifiers are large enough to qualify as, and are very similar to, an ozone air purifier, providing similar results.

Best Air Purifier for Smoke

Smoke particles, whether from outside fires or from cigarette smoke, can be irritating and can negatively effect a persons health and general lung capacity. As such, you want the best air purifier available that will adequately remove all smoke particles. On that front, the 200 model, the second of the heavy duty models, is perfect for clearing out all smoke particles from a room and making the air clean to breathe again. Just turn this machine on in any room below 310 sq. ft. and you will be well on your way to smelling nothing but the fresh scent of clean air. This air purifier comes with dual filters and a nifty HEPA filtration system. If you are at a large office that smokes during meetings, the 200 model is the perfect size for clearing the smoke out of the room just as the meeting comes to a close.


Room Air Purifier

When you are looking for a nice and simple room air purifier that isn’t too big, but also isn’t too small to actually purify the entire room, then the 150 and 125 models are perfect for you. These models can fit into rooms of up to 232 and 194 sq. ft. respectively and come equipped with extremely useful digital indicators and displays that help you to understand how well the machine is cleaning the air within the room.