Home Air Cleaners: Plants And Technology

Home air cleaners are the best solution for people who have adverse allergic reactions to air impurities such as pollen, dust and molds. These impurities can really cause a lot of discomforts and some people can really suffer a lot. Some of the allergic reactions a person can feel can me mild runny nose, teary eyes, difficulty in talking due to swollen pharynx or larynx and a lot more.

The seriousness of a person’s allergic reaction, of course, can vary. And the worse scenario would be if you have invited a friend into your home and she or he has some attacks of allergy due to air impurities in your home. That is why you need to invest on equipping your house against such incidents with home air cleaners. This will not only keep you safe but other people as well.

Idylis Air Purifier for the Home

Idylis Air Purifier for the Home

Plants as Natural Air Purifiers

Home air cleaners can be natural or manmade devices which you can place inside your house, office or any business areas you like. These things secure your place with safety especially for those who have asthma and respiratory problems.

Plants can be used to clean indoor air. In fact, NASA is cultivating many plant air purifiers and testing them indoors for space shuttles. Some best examples of these plants are:

  • Dwarf date Palm (Pheonix reobilinii)
  • Boston Fern (Nephrolepis exaltata)
  • English Ivy (Hedera helix)
  • Peace Lily ( Liriope spicata)
  • Golden photos or Devil’s Ivy (Scindapsus aures)

These plants can clear off ammonia, formaldehyde, benzene and other air contaminants that can be very harmful to your health.

Types of Home Air Cleaners

Manmade air cleaner can be mechanical filters, electronic air filters, gas-phase filters and UVGI cleaners. These types are now integrated in one device to have an optimum performance. Idylis Air Purifier is one of the devices that have this integration feature.

  • Mechanical air filters removes large particles such as pollen, dust, dander and molds. HEPA or High Efficiency Particulate Air is the most popular mechanical filter that is used in modern air purifiers today. It can also remove air mites and insect allergens.
  • Electronic air filters are ionizers. They trap impurities from the air using electrostatic action and releases positively charged ions in to your indoor air. This increases the air quality and improves health.
Home Air Cleaner Filters

Home Air Cleaner Filters

  • Gas-phase filter usually use carbon filters. This filters smoke and bad odor inside the house. Typically, you need to replace this filter just quiet frequently because it gets loaded with impurities easily.

Air purifier brands today are highly competitive in their performance. They have coined all types of devices in their items to give off quality air. Top brands of home air cleaners are:

  • Alen
  • Idylis Air Purifier
  • Blueair
  • Austin air

You can combine plant air purifiers with an electrical home air purifier to get the greatest air cleaning result. This can minimize allergy attacks to your family. Home air cleaners are readily available in the market to tend for your comfort at home.


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